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Embodiment Of Evil

Dir. Jose Mojica Marins / Brazil / 90 min / 2008 / Horror

" Coffin Joe's visage carries that kind of quality that only cinema legends have, bold and menacing as always, but delicate and vulnerable at the same time." - Twitch Film

" Original, and so extreme, it's certain that you're not likely to see anything quite like it anytime soon." - Dread Central

" A must-see for all horror fans." - Cult Moview Forum

" Atmospheric and gruesome." - Sound on Sight

" Still angry, still vehemently humanist, and still ready to blaspheme and belittle everything - from the Saints to the State, Coffin Joe has become even more relevant in the new century." - Bil Gibron (Pop Matters)

" I highly recommend Embodiment of Evil. Coffin Joe is the original serial slasher that predates Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. He is truly immortal, I highly recommend Embodiment of Evil." - Brutal as Hell

Forty years on, legendary Brazilian writer-director-star Jose Mojica Marins returns to the role that established him as a horror genre auteur to be reckoned with as the long awaited third and final installment of his renowned "Coffin Joe franchise.

EMBODIMENT OF EVIL sees the sadistic undertaker Coffin Joe released from a prison mental ward after serving a 40-year term. As ever intent on finding the perfect woman to bear him a son Coffin Joe immediately sets of kidnapping and testing the suitability of women to be the potential bearers of his offspring. Still driven by madness, Joe is haunted by visions of the ghosts of his former victims and graphic hallucinations of a purgatory-like landscape filled with human suffering and depravity.

Meanwhile, a local police captain and a masochistic priest, both bearing their own personal grudges against the undertaker, have teamed up to hunt Joe down and to exact their revenge by destroying him once and for all.

Also available the Coffin Joe Cult Classic Collection.