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The Dead Girls Feast

Dir. Matheus Nachtergaele / Brasil / 114 min / 2008

" wonderful film, disturbing, evoking a climate of excessive religiosity mixing themes of religiosity, taboo and incest with great intensity " - Luiz Zannin O Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper

" The Dead Girls Feast' will delight not only those who appreciate a good drama in its true sense, but those who consider arthouse cinema an appropriate space to create controversy about social and political themes " - Marcello Castilho Avellar EM Cultura

After performing a “miracle” on the day after his mother's suicide “Santinho” gains spiritual ascendance over the inhabitants of his remote fishing community in Brazil.

Hailed as a savior and protector since then by the villagers, for 20 years his followers have prepared 'The Dead Girls' Feast' in his honor. As the feast day approaches the young man revives his deep feelings of abandonment, his solace in the community's reverence and the physical comfort provided his pedophilic father.

In these lands, the infinite human capacity of “fabricating” faith and seeking for some sense in the horrifying experience of death create a unique religious experience.