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Ferozz Wild Riding Hood

Dir. Jorge Molina / Cuba / 79 min / 2010

" sure to draw thrill seekers and fans of transgressive film" - Twitch Film

"has to be seen to be believed… liked this film, even just for the unique feel of distressing otherworldliness it conjures, the fact that it finds humour in cruelty and revels in the extreme and intense images it creates. This goes well beyond horror into what looks like the realm we all call torture porn. While not a fan of Hostel, I am an avowed fan of the weird. This definitely falls under that category" - Quiet Earth

"Ferozz Wild Riding Hood is a gory and disturbing visit with the world's most dysfunctional family who do the most unspeakable things" - Best Horror Movies

Unsettling, erotic and extreme fable inspired in Perrault's Red Riding Hood- but here played out by a provocative Lolita. Set in rural Cuba, the film centres around members of a dysfunctional family living in isolation . Sexual deprivation and awakenings lead its members to break taboos from bestiality to incest nothing is left unturned. Visually impressive the film evocatively displays touches of Walerian Borowczyk's The Beast'. .