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Almost Brothers

Written by Oscar-nominated writer Paulo Lins

“Easily one of the best films to emerge from Brazil in the last year” Fionnula Halligan, Screen International


Best Iberoamerican Film, Best Film Audience Award – Mar de Plata Film Festival
Best Director, Best Actor, Best Latin American Film FIPRESCI -Rio Film Fesival
Best Film - Amazon Film Festival
Official Selection: Toronto, Montreal, Biarritz, Guadajara, Mar del Plata, San Francisco
Best Brazilian Film of 2004 - (Luiz Carlos Merten) O Estado de Sao Paulo

They could have been brothers united by music, but are ultimately separated by Brazil.

Based on the true life experiences of director Lucia Murat, the film is a tour de force account of the tensions and uneasy relationship between the white middle class and the black slums in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Two children Miguel white and middle class and Jorge raised in the slum, are brought together by their parent's love of Samba music.

Fate intertwines years later during the military regime of 70's as the young men become inmates: Miguel as political prisoner, Jorge as a criminal.

Their differing treatment within the prison polarizes their status and gives rise to the Red Command - the most powerful and violent drug trafficking faction in Rio today.

A generation later through their children the cycle repeats itself and their separation deepens….they could have been brothers united by music but are separated by Brazil.

The fifth feature film from Lucia Murat is based on her true life experiences as a prisoner during the military dictatorship in the 1970's.

Author of Oscar-nominated 'City of God' and acclaimed TV series 'City of Men.

The composer of over 15 films Nana is a renowned percussionist who has recorded with everyone from B.B. King to Jean Luc Ponty to the Talking Heads and the Jan Garbarek Quartet.