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The Awakening Of The Beast

Mojica Marins / 91minutes / Black and White and Colour / 1969

'One of the most hallucinogenic experiences ever to wind up on celluloid!'

To many, this is Mojica's masterpiece. It was certainly his most controversial film. Proof is, it was never allowed to be shown in Brazil and was kept in a shelf at the Censorship Board for over 20 years.

The film tells the story of a doctor who is conducting experiments with LSD. He injects the drug in four patients, only to analyze their reactions to "strong" subjects (the strongest of which, of course, is a Coffin Joe film).

This is one of the most radically innovative films ever shot in Brazil, not only in terms of substance but also style. A contemporary horror story, it deals with drugs, prostitution, police corruption, and the degradation of society as a whole.

The ban to this film effectively ended Mojica's career as a horror director. Scared producers stopped hiring him, afraid that a new Coffin Joe film would also be prohibited by the Censorship Board. "The Awakening of the Beast" remains as an undiscovered gem of horror films.