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The Strange World Of Coffin Joe

Mojica Marins / Black and White / 80 Minutes / 1968

Based on a TV show which Mojica hosted in the 60's, this film presents Jose Mojica Marins fantastic universe in three distinctstories.

The Dollmaker
In the first narrative gangs invade the house of a doll maker, who lives alone with his beautiful daughters. The gang soon realise that they can get a lot more from these women than just money, even if they need to kill the old man. But the women put up a fight….and the dolls get revenge with their special gift of life… or is it death?

The taboo subject of necrophilia is confronted in a narrative of unexpected poetry. A poor street balloon seller falls in love with a beautiful young woman who does not return his affection. When the young woman unexpectedly dies - the impossible happens and her death bed becomes their conjugal bed…

A professor attempts to explain his bizzare theories of evolution to non believers. Proving that instinct is more powerful than love, he experiments on a couple emerged in a brutal and bloody relationship. Madness and cannibalism are the ingredients of a real "banquet from hell'. Not for the faint of heart.