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Hallucinations Of A Deranged Mind

Mojica Marins / Colour / 83 minutes / 1978

"Hallucinations of a Deranged Mind is a a truly unforgettable viewing experience in which the boundaries between genius and madness, primitive atavism and sophisticated avant-gardism are truly confounded. Fans of horror, cult and underground cinemas owe it to themselves to track it down and see it at all costs…"

This film follows the life of a patient of a mental hospital who has horrible dreams about Coffin Joe. The doctors, unable to cure the patient, resort to the only man who can challenge Coffin Joe: his creator, José Mojica Marins.

This weird and creepy film sees creator and creature battling each other. The patient's nightmares are scenes from Mojica's most famous movies, making this a true "best of" film.

Crammed to the gills with some of the censored footage from Mojica Marins' previous films it is a shameless halucinogenic trip into the weird and wonderful and beyond.