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Hellish Flesh

Mojica Marins / Colour / 80 minutes / 1977

Dr George Medeiros is a brilliant scientist who does not find the time even for his beautiful wife Raquel.

Raquel’s blind ambition leads her to arrange for her husband’s death to keep his inheritance. Aided by her lover, the dodgy crook Olivier, Raquel throws sulphuric acid on her husband’s face. However , the scientist survives the attempt to kill him, undergoes a plastic surgery and begins to plan his revenge on his wife.

Made with only touches of the hallucinatory vibe Marins loves to employ, is kind of a telenovela version of an EC Comics horror story, narratives gruesome and lurid enough to blind more censorious types to the fact that what they were witnessing were morality plays. Not a perfect description of the brain-scrambling films that Marins makes, but damn close when it comes to Hellish Flesh.