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They Will Come Back

Dir Marcelo Lordello | Brazil | 92 | 2012

Best Film,  Best Actress, Brasilia Film Festival Nominated - Rotterdam Tiger Award.,San, London BFI , New York series by Film Society of Lincoln Center and the Museum of Modern Art.

"Marcelo Lordello handles delicate subject matter with due sensitivity,  elegant simplicity of the storytelling"  LETTERBOXED
"visual beauty and narrative tension" NEW YORK TIMES
"remarkably touching" SLANT MAGAZINE
"a modern fable" INDIWIRE

Coming of age drama sees 12 year old Cris and 15 years old brother Peu stranded on a roadside of an isolated motorway in northeastern Brazil after being ejected from their parents car for bickering on the back seat.

When mysteriously, the adults never return the siblings, Peu decides to head off to the nearest petrol station, but he himself does not return, leaving Cris to fend for herself.

Setting off on a her journey Cris’ encounters people she had never met before, impoverished small land holders whose reality in a class and race in divided Brazil, is in stark contrast to Cri’s privileged urban background.

She will learn many lessons.