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Tropical Vampire

Dir Marcelo Santiago / 92 min / Brazil / Erotic Graphic Comedy Horror

‘’these vampires shed the Bram Stoker’s Victorian trappings.. instead they roam the streets and expertly operate in a digital world, dress as financiers, and deal in drugs’’ EXPRESSO SAPO

Set in the dark side of the city of Rio de Janeiro, where vampires deal vampire powder, providing its users with a taste of immortality. 

Vlak reigns supreme in vampire activities but having a restless spirit succeeds in breaking free from the Limbo Corporation, his employers, but at the price of hi temporary memory loss. 

How will he succeed in combating the Corporation? And now with both Draco, his vampire nemesis, and his companion Daphne, a raging psychopath, on his trail?

His only hope is the beautiful Wang Su a Chinese woman ruling the Mafia who wants Vlak’s assistance in defeating the Limbomen for her own purposes…