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The Girl With Two Faces

Dir Roman Serir / France / 2016 / Horror Thriller Film Noir

Telluride Horror Festival

World Horror Con Film Festival

Bram Stocker Film Festival

Clarisse visits Marc’s stylish mansion for the first time. Marc is a mysterious, sophisticated plastic surgeon, they are dating and Clarisse spends the night with him

The following morning she if found drugged, handcuffed and Marc’s hostage. 

Marc has a plan, his obsession is to transform Clarissa into Hélène, his beloved deceased girlfriend. He will achieve this by submitting Clarisse to a facial reconstruction.  

Clarisse emerges as Hélène. Tragically she submits to Marc’s intense love, to the extent that Clarisse’s identity also becomes Hélène’s. 

But history repeats itself and Clarisse’s destiny becomes intertwined with Hélène’s.