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Deadman Tells His Own Tale

Dir Fabian Forte / Argentina / 87" / 2016 / Horror Comedy


‘’Hilarious fable about the battle of the sexes’’ BIFFF

‘’Perfect, impeccable’’ CINES ARGENTINOS

‘’Mixes Celt myhology with vampirism in a satirical comedy’’ ULTRA CINE

Angel (‘Wild Tales’) is an arrogant, cheating, selfish, sexist, liar of a man. His job as Director of Publicity spots allows him to take advantage of his position of power to systematically mistreat and abuse aspiring young actresses and women in general.

Unexpectedly however, he falls into a trap set by an avenging Sisterhood of Vampires, who enslave and turn him into a zombie, together with all lying cheating men, with the final mission to establish a Universal Matriarchy.