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Black Out

Dir. Arne Toonen / The Netherlands / 92 min / 2012

"A must-see… A fresh and funny action comedy" - NRC Handelsblad / NRC Next

"excels in dynamics, slapstick and sassy humor… A remarkable achievement…" - AD

"'Solid as a rock, edgy and very funny indeed… Reminiscent of Tarantino's best work" -

"'you won't be bored for a single minute.''…film leaves us begging for more" - VERONICA

"'sharp twists and turns, and delightfully grotesque characters" - CINEMA NL

The day before his wedding, Jos an ex-con, wakes up next to an unrecognizable corpse with a gun in his hand.

To make matters worse, the local mafia boss accused Jos of stealing 20 kg of cocaine.

Jos granted 24 hours to come up with the goods.

How is he going to get out of this one if he can not remember a thing about the previous night?