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México Bárbaro II

Dir: Diego Cohen, Christian Cueva, Ricardo Farias, Michelle Garza, Carlos Meléndez, Lex Ortega, Abraham Sánchez, Sergio Tello, Fernando Urdapilleta / 95´/ Mexico / 2017

Sitges Midnight Extreme, Fantaspoa,
Brooklin Film Festival

Creepy…vicious…intense…surreal’’  HORRORNEWS

“Takes a violent, barbaric approach to Mexican culture’’  MODERN HORROR

Brutal, ruthless and bizarre’’  SCREENANARCHY

Mexico Barbaro II the sequel to the iconoclastic seminal cornerstone
of Mexican horror, Mexico Barbaro (2014), expands now new frontiers
beyond the excesses of its predecessor.

9 Mexican Directors come together to continue exploring
the relentlessly brutal and darkest vein of Mexican
popular culture, folk and urban tales.

From the seemingly innocent stories told by grandmothers
to their grandchildren passed on from generation to generation,
to spectral mysteries, crack cocaine craving monsters,
Ancestral Indian bloody culinary rites, desert wondering
headless cowboys.

Tales that are whispered, believed in blind faith, splattered in blood.